They say that wealthy people enjoy the company of other wealthy people, and dating is no different. Successful singles are interested in partners that are able to make their lives even better than they already are. Money can’t buy everything after all. They still need love, care, and attention. The problem is that it can be difficult to meet a millionaire without a little help. That’s why millionaire dating websites and apps exist – and there’s a lot of them.

Given that there is such a high demand for websites and apps that connect rich singles, there are hundreds of online dating services where people can meet millionaires. With so much choice on the table it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. Take a look through our list of the 6 best millionaire dating sites & apps to find the millionaire of your dreams. Of course, these services can also be used by millionaires themselves to connect with others and find love.

#1: Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match
Millionaire Match is a dating site for elite singles including lawyers, athletes, CEOs, celebrities, and models. However, anyone is welcome to sign up for the website in order to find a rich single to take care of them.

Like most dating websites, Millionaire Match has a simple free membership option. Upgrading to a gold account unlocks features including being able to start chats, mobile access, advanced search function, the ability to see profiles of verified millionaires, and much more. Free members are limited to simple searches and looking at publicly available photos. The premium photos are locked behind a premium account.

The service features a more in-depth and personalized sign-in process compared to other similar dating sites. Anyone who signs up to the website as a millionaire has to speak to a Special Members Director in order to set up and verify their account. If you don’t have the time to do that yourself you are welcome to assign a representative to do it for you. You can afford it after all.

The website has a higher member quality compared to other websites. Once you find someone that interests you then send them a “wink” or an email, add their profile to your favorites, or add a little note for them. The site focuses a lot on the information that has been verified about the millionaires on there. There are small badges attached to profile photos that indicate a verified photo, age, education, occupation, and millionaire status as applicable.

Millionaire Match also has a blog section where members are free to post their ideas and start conversations with one another on all kinds of topics. It’s great to be able to meet people and talk to them outside of their profile and get to know them better. This is one of the more active parts of the website, so be sure to check it out.

The website has been around for over 18 years now, which is very impressive for a website like this. That’s a sign of the quality that you can expect from Millionaire Match. Dating websites – or any kind of website – don’t last that long without good reason.



Seeking is a dating website for people who aren’t afraid to admit they are looking for a financial relationship. It’s for sugar babies to hook up with sugar daddies/mamas to take care of them. Despite this specialised nature though, Seeking still works much like any other kind of dating site. Upload some pictures, fill in a profile, and then search for a good match. The main difference is that the financial aspect is a key part of the overall experience.

There are no complex matching algorithms and personality quizzes here. What connects users here is how much money they have or how much money they want. These are both put out in the open. The salary on offer is one of the first things listed on the profiles of sugar daddies, while how much a sugar baby wants is listed on their profile. Another important part of the sugar baby profile is where the money will go, such as paying for tuition or buying designer clothes.

Given that the website is built around financial arrangements, it’s hardly surprising Seeking has income verification features. The website wouldn’t work right if anyone could claim they make a seven-figure income when they don’t. This background check can take some time and it includes a criminal background check to ensure the safety of sugar babies.

Seeking does offer free accounts if you want to avoid the rigamarole, but these accounts are quite limited. You can’t even read the messages that you get. These free accounts are basically teasers where you can see potential matches without interacting with them. The premium account comes with a premium price tag, but it’s not too much.

All in all, the website has a good level of functionality. The design and interface of the website is simple but elegant, and there are no annoying pop-ups to be found here. Seeking also has a strict ban on prostitution. Seeking is a dating website that knows what you are there for and doesn’t shy away from it. It’s the place to be for anyone looking to buy (or sell) a little love and affection – for the right price. In a way it’s much more honest than standard dating websites because everyone there knows what they want. There’s no dancing around the subject here. Some people will find that refreshing, but this isn’t the website for you if you are looking for something more serious. There are lots of other websites for that.


millionaires club123   

Millionaire’s Club is a website for rich singles with one of the more extensive acceptance policies we’ve ever seen. If you do get accepted though, then the rewards are nigh limitless. The website was founded in January 2000 with a simple mission; to give successful men and women a private, exclusive club to find love.

Members who aren’t millionaires themselves are scrutinized extensively before being allowed in. Millionaires are prepared and preened and guided through the process of finding matches and dating them successfully, including the final marriage proposal.

The services here are tailored to individual members and their preferences for a match. Millionaires are kept safe from “gold diggers” by this exclusive service. The non-millionaire members are screened and asked to sign certain documents so that the website maintains a discreet and professional service to meet the needs of the affluent.

As an exclusive dating website, Millionaire’s Club doesn’t worry about algorithms and databases. You’ll be paying a lot for their services, but for that money you get a more direct approach. The website charges annual fees of between $25 and $75k, with optional services coming at an extra cost.

The key to any good millionaire dating website is how well they are able to connect people. Millionaire’s club employs all of their resources – including professional partners – to encourage millionaires to make the best of themselves with coaching, makeovers, and the like. They take the time to learn more about their members and help them find their ideal match.

Millionaire’s Club takes opportunity and exclusivity and finds a way to combine them to suit the needs of all parties. Millionaires get to make the most of their time and money by hiring a service to suit through the qualified and eager men and women for them.

The non-millionaire members are given assurance that their matches are genuine and are committed to finding a good quality match – given the personal and financial investments involved. It can cost a lot of money to be a member, but it is one of the best ways to meet rich singles and enjoy a loving, satisfying relationship.

The approach Millionaire’s Club takes is a rather traditional one, as such matchmaking services have been used for centuries. The website just takes this approach and digitizes it, offering it through the internet. It’s different than the standard dating site approach, but that isn’t a bad thing. Some people may even prefer this more personalized approach.



If you’re tired of going through hundreds of profiles that don’t meet your standards then you should check out Luxy, which lets users accept or reject any new applicant based on their appearance and/or financial status. This is a very self-aware dating service that knows what it is and doesn’t shy away from that fact. This is one exclusive and expensive online dating experience that doesn’t aim to be anything else.

While Luxy is clearly focused around money, there are free accounts on offer. Free members are able to create their account and enter the “Vouching” process. This is where existing members decide whether or not someone can join the website based on their profile. This period lasts for 24 hours and, should you have more rejections than approvals by the end of it, you aren’t given access to Luxy.

Luxy lets users add up to five of their favorite brands and add tags to their profile. They can also add personal information such as their body type, hair and eye color, religion, etc. The information available on profiles is pretty sparse compared to some other dating sites, but this isn’t a website built around compatibility so that’s to be expected.

After signing up for an account open up the “Play” tab to see profiles from other members. These profiles can be sorted by several choices including location, income, and verification date. You’ll need a premium account – called Luxy BLACK – to be able to send messages. This premium membership also comes with the ability to have a VIP badge on your profile, more search options, and other little benefits.

One thing that sets Luxy apart is the dedicated mobile app, which offers an overall better experience. The app looks and feels much more like a proper dating service and it’s friendlier to free members. Free members are able to exchange messages on the mobile app even though they would have to pay to do so on the website.

The biggest question surrounding Luxy is whether or not it is worth it. It’s great at what it does, but what it does isn’t for everyone. If you want an honest approach to millionaire dating and don’t mind a little snobbery, then this could be the right dating service for you. If not, then there are plenty of other options out there.


rich meet beautiful   

RichMeetBeautiful is among the best and most popular millionaire dating sites in the world. It is the fastest-growing online dating website for rich men to meet beautiful women for a solid relationship built on a foundation of love, passion, and mutual respect. The members of this website are rich – and not just financially. They are rich in experience, romance, culture, style, intelligence, success, and more.

As the name would suggest, this is a platform where rich men and women come together to meet young and beautiful people. It helps rich singles find someone to love and care for them all while giving them the satisfaction that they are after. One great thing about RichMeetBeautiful is that it doesn’t try to hide what it’s offering and what it’s all about. It clearly states – and sticks to the ideal of – it not being a website for sugar baby dating. This is a genuine dating website for people who want to find love and have a lot of money. It’s not for people that are looking for financial support – or those willing to give it – in return for sexual favors.

Many members who have already discovered love through RichMeetBeautiful find that it offers an ideal dating platform for people to find a great life partner and achieve their wildest dreams. The website is completely free to join and there is a free trial option available where you can anonymously check out all that the website has to offer.

RichMeetBeautiful claims to use scientific matchmaking to connect members. As soon as you fill in information about your interests and what you want from a partner, you’ll be presented with profiles of people who are a good match for you based on those preferences. You can also check out the rest of the site and the facilities there for yourself.

Like many other websites, all of the best features are locked behind a paywall. The free trial offer means that you can at least try out these features for yourself before deciding if they are worth the money though. Most other websites don’t even let you try them before you buy them. It’s just one more sign of how this dating website for millionaires is about connecting people and helping them find true love.


date a millionaire   

DateAMillionaire boasts one of the largest userbases in millionaire dating websites. Rather than promoting offering “convenient arrangements”, the website focuses on the more practical approach and creating high quality relationships that last. This is achieved through a rigorous information gathering process where Date A Millionaire learns about your personality, social activities, preferences, attitudes, habits, likes, dislikes, and more.

The first step at this website is creating your free Basic account where you can create and submit a profile. It can take a little time to create your account because of how comprehensive the information gathering is. You can submit your photos at this stage, and the website will remind you to submit them if you don’t do it here.

Date a Millionaire understands and recognizes that searches are key when it comes to online dating. It’s how rich singles find their potential dates. That’s why it has a quick search function with basic information and an advanced search tool that runs around 40 different algorithms and some “either/or” choices for the best match.

Once you’ve found a few people you’re interested in, Date a Millionaire has some handy features to keep track of them all and stay in touch. The Little Black Book is one such handy tool. It allows you to store private and personal information and photos, as well as exchange messages with other members. Take advantage of the Little Black Book to start building a great relationship and connect to other members.

The Block Member feature is also pretty handy. Harassment is a genuine problem with online dating, and the Block Member feature lets you prevent people from messaging you if you feel they are harassing you. Just tell the website that you are “not interested” in a member when they try to establish contact to have them not appear in search results and not be able to message you at all unless you take it back. This is a great feature that makes the website much safer and more fun to use.

Date a Millionaire is a premier website for premier dating. Basic members are able to dig into the website and see what it has to offer and what the other members are like without having to put up any money. After spending some time searching through profiles and interacting with other members, you may want to upgrade and get the premium membership for unlimited access to emails, IMs, and the forum. All of the premium plans here are great value for money so just choose the one that suits your needs.

Meet a Millionaire Today

Dating a millionaire doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might sound. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to websites to find and date rich singles. The six listed above represent just a small selection. They can be a little expensive to join but if you’re a millionaire the cost is insignificant and, if you want to meet a millionaire, it’s more than worth it.

Different services cater to different needs. If you want a sugar daddy/baby relationship then there are services for that. If you want a more loving and committed relationship then there are services for that too. Think about what you need from a relationship and then choose the website you feel would best provide you with that. Also consider signing up to a few different websites to give yourself more choice and freedom with dating. Try out millionaire dating for yourself today and see who you can meet!