Millionaire Match Review

Millionaire Match (MM) is one of the best millionaires dating websites in the world. For 18 years the website has been connecting successful rich singles that are looking for a compatible partner. Someone who’s an attractive single and matches with their lifestyle. This website/application has been mentioned positively in numerous blogs and articles through-out the time. It has been voted as the “Best of the Web” by, this only further validates its reliability and authenticity.

millionaire match

Registration Process:

For registration it’s quite simple, either download the application from Google-playor open up the website On the main home page you will find the “registration box” where you will have to fill in your details to get started. There’s a separate place for the celebrities and special members to set up their account and profile where they will be guided by MillionaireMatch’s special member director who will ensure that the celebrity’s time is enjoyable and rewarding. Such profiles will be given Premium Member Area and your privacy will be taken care of as per your demands whether you want to stay low-key or high profile. Your details will help MillionaireMatch in finding the perfect match for you. Go on to the ‘MM CELEBRITY’ corner on the top right and register yourself in the celebrities and VIP members’ area.


Apart from providing you the love of your life MillionaireMatch has other features as well such as it has ‘Forum’ which is specifically made for discussion on different kinds of topics and interests. There are proper categories from which you can select the one you want to initiate and create discussion on, you can even suggest new categories by emailing MillionaireMatch. It contains dating advices as well which are pretty helpful while dating either online or offline.

There’s another feature named as ‘Luxury Show’ where all the photographs of every members’ luxury items are uploaded. There’s a proper category from where you can select which type of luxury items/photographs you want to see such as jewelry, autos, home décor, boats, arts & culture, aviation, real estate etc. And these categories can be sorted according to the gender as well.

Another feature of MillionaireMatch is that it gives the opportunity of good publicity of their brand to the news press and media coverage. They have a proper kit online available for their high resolution logos, screenshots, and branding specially for the media and news and it’s for free. And the website also shows all the news reports and coverage at one place for anyone who’s interested to dig in.


  • As it’s a match making company, the advantages it offers to its users are that it attracts only the successful singles with rich backgrounds which means the kind of audience/users it has are elite so you will only be finding the person who has a similar lifestyle as yours.
  • People will not try to date you for your money as they will have money with themselves too. So the whole purpose would be to find a compatible match to life a happy life.
  • The kind of service MillionaireMatch provides is very user-friendly. There are proper counselors and live supporters who are only there to help and guide you along your way. Whether it’s from creating an account on MillionaireMatch to helping even after your match is made.
  • It has a separate platform to learn from others experiences and specially a big help for those who do not know a thing or two about dating.


  • There are always pros and cons of everything. While we talked about the pros, we will be discussing the cons too. However, they are not many so there’s nothing to worry about.
  • This service is only for those who earn more than $200. So only the successful rich singles can date someone who’s equally successful while the ones who earn below it can not have the luxury to date someone from Millionaire Match.
  • It is also possible for people to use the other millionaire person only for their money or that person comes out to be a sugar daddy or baby even though the website has prominently mentioned that no sugar daddies or babies are allowed but it’s not to stop them.
  • The pictures that are uploaded on the website’s luxury show can be miss-used by others.


MillionaireMatch collects three types of data from the user: personal data, aggregated data and special categories. The personal data is only used to manage your account, provide you services, improve customer service, administrator and maintain, to contact you, to address problem and improve our service etc. It is not publicized and is kept within the usage of MillionaireMatch. As the personal data can not be used beyond the rules permitted by the law, the user themselves can also control it’s usage by emailing a concise description about how they would want the data to be used.

There is also the collection in non-personal data such as analytics and log files, cookies, web beacons/tags etc. This kind of data is de-identified or made anonymous for the use of third parties in their marketing.

Our Final Comments

As once you have reached the top of the ladder it get hard to find someone who loves you for who you are instead of what you have. While that being said, MillionaireMarch took out the solution for such successful millionaires who are looking for a long lasting relationship with their special soul mates. Here, as it deals with only the rich and attractive men and women, athletes, actors and actresses, CEOs, lawyers, doctors, investors, etc, it has become easier to find someone as successful as you who is only looking for a healthy relationship as they already have the money. Keeping all of that in mind, MillionaireMarch was only created for people like you. Where you do not need expert skills in dating to connect with someone as MillionaireMarch is there to guide you throughout. It’s an extraordinary application /website which can prove to be quite helpful for you in order to make a happy living.

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