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If you are looking to find your perfect match then is your place. The CEO and founder of Millionaire’s Club is none other than “Patti Stanger”. Patti Stanger is a renowned Millionaire Matchmaker who has an expertise of over 30 years in relationship and dating. She has recently took a significant step in thicken WE TV’s stance as a leading destination for relationship programming. In her website which is mentioned above she’s persistent on finding success in love for the successful people and is sharing all of her tips and tricks for the perfect dating life. She claims to provide one of the largest collections of single individuals available for dating and has come of the best dating trainers, stylists and matchmakers.

millionaire's club


The website has a lot of glitz and glam as Patti Stanger is an IT girl and a celebrity. So the front home page is dedicated to her pictures and introduction. However, you can easily find their registration box on the top right header of the website, where they have provided the steps for your convenience. People who are interested in referring potential clients to the club can also register on their The Millionaire Referral Program and can earn a referral fee on every client.


The website has many features beyond the initial concept of finding your match. On the front page when you scroll a little, there’s a column where Patti Stanger herself hand picks her ‘member of the month’.

Patti provides personal consultation services whether you’re your relationship is not moving forward or you are single. Patti with her instinctive wisdom and exceptional expertise will help you in resolving any kind of relationship problems you have. You can get the consultation through phone, psychic reading, skype/facetime, or in-person meeting. Each of them have their separate charges mentioned on the website.

Not only personal but also business consultation is provided by The Millionaire Matchmaker.Where with the assist of Patti’s staff she brings out the solutions and ideas to get your business to the top level.

Along with that, Millionaire Club also has other grooming services as well such as a makeover where you work with the top stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists in order to get you into the best version of yourself as only the mental makeover is not enough. They have sexy sidekick programs as well, where they send someone with you as your wingman that will help you to introduce yourself to your date. There’s also an AskPatti program where you can send any kind of relationship question to Patti via email and she will reply immediately.

Lastly, the best and most interesting feature they have is the Millionaire Matchmaker photography service. Presentation is the key and photographs speak volumes, represent yourself in the most attractive way through Patti’s photographers who are best at doing their work.


  • The front most advantage of Millionaire club is that you only get to meet the people who share the similar lifestyle as yours because it’s only for the successful singles.
  • It’s ‘member of the month’ feature allows you to be more into the eyes of everyone. You are publicized for free and your chances of date increases as more people will approach you now.
  • Patti is a well-known relationship and dating adviser and majorly an expert in her field so if you are getting a chance to be coached through your love life by her, there are 99% chances that you will be successful as her success rate is good.


  • When there are advantages the disadvantages come alongside so is the case for The Millionaire Matchmaker as Patti Stanger is a celebrity so all her services are pretty expensive compared to her competitors.
  • There are proper procedures and processes through which a person needs to go through in order to get in touch with Patti that takes up a lot of time and effort.
  • It only caters to the elite class of the society. The ones who are literally millionaires can use this service while the ones who do not a crazy amount of money can-not utilize this service for their love life.


Millionaire Matchmaker manages the website; hence, the privacy of their members has the utmost importance to them. However, their privacy policy only applies on the information they collect online and not the one they collect offline.

The service that is being provided can-not be used by individuals under the age of 18. If later someone under 18 is caught using the service will immediately be taken off from the site and service.

Only the personal information that the user willingly provide is used with the purpose of providing better service to them. This kind of information is usually collected at the time when you make the account, when you register for an event, when you purchase a ticket or when you participate in a contest or giveaway.

Another type of information is the “Anonymous Information” which is collected by the company’s servers. This information contains you browse type, internet portal address, operating system, clickstream data, domain name, and a stamp of your visit according to the date and time.

If there are any chances made to the privacy policy it is posted on the website and also emailed to the user in order to keep them up to date with everything.

Our Views

Everything related to Patti Stanger starts and ends with glitz and glam so if you want your life to be more like that it’s the best option to look into. It offers a full package regarding all your worries in a relationship. Starting from counselling sessions, coaching, image consultation, hypnotherapy, and personal sessions with Patti Stanger to customizing the whole service according to your demands and wishes. The Millionaire Matchmaker has it all with the success rate of 99%. There’s no possible reason to wait any longer if you are a successful single who’s looking for a healthy and happy relationship to not use this facility.

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